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Nature Friendly

Our products consist of ingredients that have been grown organically, providing you with the best possible product of your choice.

Cruelty Free

None of our products nor its ingredients have ever been tested on animals. We stand with animals, their protection and their rights.

Quality Assured

Quality created products that are carefully packaged so that you can have a pleasant experience with us.


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Best of Awesome Salts

Awesome Salts is dedicated to creating products that are full of natural goodness to provide much needed relief, so that you can feel good and confident.

All our products are made from natural sources and do not consist of harmful chemicals.  We have spent many years collecting information and created products to showcase the healing properties of Himalayan Salts, Epsom salts and Sea Salts.



Incredible healing abilities



Rejuvenate mind, body & soul


Nature Sourced

Profound benefits of various ingredients that are sourced directly from nature


Did You Know?

People with diabetes who have a condition known as “Diabetic ketoacidosis,” are more at risk of developing something called, “Mucormycosis” which is a fungal infection that is rare.

Researchers suggest that Bicarbonate Soda could prevent this infection from spreading. 

Patients with Mucormycosis benefit from adding Bicarbonate Soda to the area regardless of whether it’s serious acidosis because by adding it, there is a strong likelihood that it will stop the growth of the fungus. Thumbs up for baking soda!

600+ Happy Customers

Ordered my salts and arrived in no time. Amazing and good quality. Will definietly order again
Kathleen Gallick
The service was amazing and love my salts. I have seen a huge difference within a week for my painful muscles.
Fisani Xaba
Thank you so much Salome. Excellent service. Such humility and passion for what you do. Excellent products.
Candice Chetty

Using natural ingredients will bring you far better benefits and results whilst keeping your body healthy and free of chemicals that may cause you harm. 

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