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Pors & Cons of Coconut Oil

Coconut as a fruit, its flesh, coconut water, its milk, and coconut oil have been known to have a great influences and benefits around the world. Whilst coconut works for basically anything it is seen as an unhealthy fat because of its high percentage of saturated fat (86%). On the other hand, its unique combination of fatty acids is said to have positive effects on your health.


  • Increase in Good Cholesterol
  • Improve in Brain Health
  • Improve in the Body’s Use of Insulin
  • Boost in Thyroid Function Resulting in Increased Energy
  • Antioxidant and Natural Antibiotic
  • Improve in Overall Health of Skin and Hair
  • Studies have found coconut oil pulling to protect against cavities, improve gingivitis, and influence the oral bacterial balance. The use of coconut oil has risen over the years and have only received praises.


  • If coconut oil are not being used correctly it can lead to risky paths.
  • Rise in bad cholesterol level
  • May Cause Allergies
  • Risk of Heart Diseases
  • Liver Damage Risk
  • Diarrhea

There is not enough evidence to support the downsides of coconut oil, but intaking it carefully and in moderation, would be the better option.

When it comes to applying it to your hair, it performs amazing growth.


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